When we made the game, we needed to advertise it, so I went about making a website for GeoQuiz, and after around a month of summer vacation, I was able to complete my "masterpiece." On the original website, everything including the video tutorials were made by me, but I did need some help figuring out how to do certain things.

For every game sold, I earn a part of profit on each sale and the money will be put towards my college fund. I really enjoyed working with GeoQuiz and I hope you do too. ;-)
Elementary Origin
GeoQuiz actually started off as a school project for the 1st grade called Oliver's GeoQuiz. With the help of my dad, I was able to make the board game and store it in a box originally used for business cards. Unfortunately, over the years the box got lost and was never found.

Now, several years later, when I’m thirteen, we decided to remake the game, except this time, virtually - so that other kids also have an opportunity to easily learn world geography.

The whole idea behind GeoQuiz is to make education fun and rewarding. This is possible because you earn points every game, and those points can be cashed in for some pocket money. GeoQuiz also gives you a page to help organize the amount of money your kid earns by letting you set a rate (i.e. $0.01 for every 3 points). This allows your kid to have an incentive to learn about the world.
For My College Fund

June 2009