"The Biggest Fan" and "Get In The Game" Ecosystem “Big Game”

Our Interactive Immersive Sport Fan Reality Show "The Biggest Fan" will not only Showcase and launch Game Changer Entertainment’s Technology Products, but will also be an Incredible Resource, Opportunity and Trend Setter for Sport/Fitness Entertainment Technology and Consumer Product Companies. Most of the companies that we will be working and partnering with will be launching Innovative State of The Art Cutting Edge Products that will ultimately transform the Sports and Entertainment Tech Industries!!

Companies will be able to build their Ideal Demographic and Target Audiences by utilizing our Immersive Interactive“Get In The Game" Ecosystem. Our technology is designed to build Massive Traction, Major Fan Base Demographics and Target Audiences who will Ultimately become Loyal Consumers. Most importantly, this Show will Attract and Sustain Millions of New Viewers weekly that will become Major Fan's of a new Era of Interactive Real Time Immersive Television.

Companies will be able to Launch, Promote, Test and Sell their Spot Technology and/or Consumer Products to the World! at a fraction of the cost of a Super Bowl, World Cup or an Olympic Commercial. Where Advertising Agencies, Major Network's, etc. would charge millions of dollars for a Single Product Ad Campaign, or a Product Test Platform and Launch. Game Changer Entertainment “Get In The Game" Ecosystem and App Digital Platform Technology will be licensed around the World on Several Innovative Platforms!!

Our System


"The Biggest Fan" Interactive Sports and Entertainment Technology Platform "Get In The Game"will totally transform the way in which a Sports Fan Watches and is totally Entertained/Engaged in Their:

• Favorite Sports Network

• Live Sporting Events

• Streaming Media Sport Platforms

• Real Time Sports or Live Entertainment Shows from our Mobile or Streaming Media Platform Technology

• Augmenting the way in which a Sports Fan can interact with Other Fan's Globally on "The Biggest Fan" secured Social Media Sports Platform.